Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel...

I have been struggling these last few months with a lot of hip pain and I am finally starting to make the turn to a pain free day. I am back at the gym and things are looking up. I should be starting physio in the next week and look forward to putting in the rehab work to get me back out there running ! I will be updating this more often now with my workouts and such...

I also today joined and am pretty excited about that too! I really think it will help keep me motivated over the next few years on my IM journey...

Ok.. I'll post later after my gym workout today .


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More swimming and more pain :( the swimming has been going really well, and I am very happy with my progress...


my hips and groin just don't seem to be getting any better and its really beginning to frustrate me. My hips now seem to have constant pain and I am beginning to wonder about getting a cortizone shot to see if it helps...calling my dr. today to see what he thinks..I need to see him anyway about getting my PSA levels checked after finding out about the cancer with my birth father...

going to be a long 3 years if I can't fix this !


P.S...did another 800 metre swim today.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Weird weekend

So, I went to the gym on saturday for my workout and realized I had forgotten my shoes...back home to get them but my van would not start. Found out shortly after that from my birth mother that my birth father was diagnosed with Prostrate cancer. Definately not a great day..I am worried about him, and about what my future may now hold.

Sunday I had some good luck with the van and its now running ok, but could still have problems. I did however hit the gym for some quick weight training and stretching and another 800 metre swim..

till later,


Friday, July 27, 2007

800 metre swim today

I went to the gym today and had a nice 800 metre swim....I guess the pool is 20 metres so I did 40 laps....not bad until I realized I need 193 of them for my Ironman...good thing its not for 3 years~!

Watched IM Hawaii 2005/2006 tonight for motivation...very inspiring and sad too when I found out that John Blais died just recently...he truly was a remarkable man...makes me realize how truly precious this life is..and how more than ever I need to start living it~!

Till tomorrow..


On the road to Ironman 2010

I have been a runner for a long time now..since 1998 really, and have done 3 marathons, several 1/2 marathons and lots of 5 k's and 10k's , but recently I have been dealing with some nagging injuries related to improper training.

A long time ago I wanted to do an Ironman, and kept setting these completely unrealistic goals for myself and thus never achieved them...this time it's different!

I turn 40 in 2011 and I want to complete an Ironman before my 40th b-day, so I set up a 3 year plan to achieve that goal as I transition from runner to an Ironman!

This blog will follow my ups and downs along that road and will be a way for me to stay true to this by telling the world my plans.

3 years...I big race till I hear the words, " David, you are an Ironman"

Stay tuned, it's gonna be a fun ride.